The big reveal: iPhone 5S & 5C


After weeks of speculation, Apple revealed on Tuesday (10th September, 2013) their two next generation iPhone models, the iPhone 5S which is a follow-on from the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5C, a colourful, ‘cheaper’ alternative to the 5S.  The reviews have been mixed so far, but here is a run-down of what Apple is offering with these updates.

Firstly, let’s look at the operating system these models will carry, due to be released 18th September. As with every recent generation of the iOS system, it offers faster processing, improved organization features and notably a better camera. This time the camera software does not disappoint  – 10 frames can be taken per second, allowing for photo editing options as you shoot and the option to slow down or speed up various parts of videos taken. Your photos will also be automatically organized into folders which divide by time or place taken and available to share via AirDrop. In terms of apps, the iOS 7 will be able to handle more multi-tasking, for instance monitoring your App usage and automatically updating your popular Apps in the background, taking the notion of pushing data to the next level when your Huffington Post or Daily Mail app is already synchronized before you get out of bed in the morning. In addition, the control panel will be more accessible – users will be able to just slide upwards with their finger and the panel will appear from the bottom of the screen. Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb & volume settings will all be accessed through this panel.

The only thing to consider, which is something Apple have also openly said, is that since the new iOS update will be available to all iPhone users from the iPhone 4 and up, many may be less inclined to invest in a new model alongside the iOS, preferring to just update their older iPhone.  Let’s move onto the new handsets now and see what features could convince existing users to upgrade.

The iPhone 5S and 5C have been presented as completely different beasts though in some ways they are not so dissimilar, especially in price and their 4G internet connections. The 5S is quite simply a next generation handset with its 8MP iSight camera and finger-print recognition and security offered as the main hardware change, alongside a choice of metallic casings. Nevertheless, the idea that Apple could collect a database of user’s fingerprints (something which Apple promises it will not do) has made some critics understandable nervous rather than excited. The 5C on the other hand has been presented as cheaper colourful, plastic handset that will appeal to emerging markets, though since the handset is only about 100€ cheaper than the 5S, it’s difficult to see it as an inexpensive option. As the Guardian newspaper pointed out, “The C in iPhone 5C stands for colour, not cheap”. On an aesthetic note, some have rejoiced at the return of colourful Apple products, though others are skeptical that target markets such as China will truly give up their beloved Android phones to give the American giant a chance. Nevertheless, remembering the success of the iPod when it was first launched in various colours, there is no reason why the iPhone 5C could enjoy similar success if marketing properly and perhaps if the price is reassessed depending on the reception it receives.


In terms of advertisers, Burberry has already partnered up with Apple to promote the capabilities of the iSight camera and will use it to shoot it’s Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Show live in London. PR aside, we expect the fingerprint scan to be harnessed by advertisers within their software and Apps – for instance, signing into your Facebook account or signing up for brand’s newsletters may no longer need a password or time to fill in a complicated form, just your fingerprint which is in turn synced to your details. This would certainly remove the barriers to entry, for instance if an advertiser wants to conduct a survey, people would be more likely to participate if the process is less time consuming. The bad side of making everything automated though would be impulse purchasing or decision making, which is turn could mean that user is less committed or less likely to be a long term prospect for that advertiser.

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