The Economist: Yes we Cannes!

The annual Cannes Festival for Creativity is currently underway and we are thrilled to announce that a campaign submitted together with FMV BBDO Amsterdam has been awarded a Cannes Lion award!

Our Economist campaign won Bronze in the category ‘Best use of integrated media’. See below for our winning submission – we hope you will join us in celebrating!


1. Insights, Strategy & the Idea

The Economist has not had it easy on the German market: “English-language”, “economy-fixated” and “elitist” are major obstacles for a readership for which there is no shortage of more laid back alternatives. This is a shame, as whoever really gets to know The Economist, will stick to its lively, factual and professionally researched journalistic style.

2. Creative Execution

How do you get non-readers to read The Economist, in spite of the obstacles? By giving them no choice. The idea was that we place current and original articles from The Economist in completely unexpected places in the middle of the everyday life of Berliners.

We served up our fresh articles as a morning appetiser on sandwich wrappers and coffee cups, as a burst of knowledge at bus stops and at underground stations. For the night owls we made them the centre of discussion by placing them on beer mats & napkins—always ensuring that the content matched the environment. The articles on coffee cups dealt with food speculations, napkins featured the fast-food industry, and on the underground sustainable urban development.

All of a sudden, The Economist had tens of thousands of new readers in Berlin who saw its true colours first hand for the first time.


3. Results and Effectiveness

An 8% rise in subscriptions speaks for itself. The Economist was not only able to stop its downward trend and massively increase its brand awareness, but it also gained a very special fan. The Chief Editor of leading German weekly “Die Zeit” tweeted “painfully brilliant”. Thanks for this Mr. Blau, we are thinking of a free subscription!


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