Apple at WWDC: iOS7, Mac Pro & iTunes Radio

apple 1

Avid friends and followers of technology had a hard time on Monday 10th June. Almost simultaneously, they had a choice of following live streams from the Apple keynote at the worldwide developer’s conference in San Francisco and E3 press conferences from Microsoft and Sony, all of whom are already battling it out for supremacy with their next generation gaming consoles.

We decided to take a look at Apple as last year, the so-called ‘Lovebrand’ gained the reputation of following technology trends rather than leading them and innovating (for instance the launch of the iPad Mini). Many analysts still believe Apple reached its creative peak after Steve Jobs past away and even the keynote speech at WWDC didn’t change that perception completely, delivering some fresh and interesting ideas and also some questionable ones. Let’s have look at the most important points in detail…

iOS 7 (

Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, the iOS mobile has not changed significantly. In the meantime, the main competitor Android (from Google) has continued to develop their uncluttered, clear design approach with a vast amount of customizability. This time, it was a necessary step for Apple to overhaul the complete look and feel of their mobile operating system to remain competitive. The new design looks flatter, more colorful and transparent compared to the old one, though a lot of critics say that Apple copied heavily from the latest Android version, something which will no doubt result in another round of lawsuits. However, the outward design shift is only the first step in creating a new user experience. Alongside this though, Apple’s task is also to please long-term users and strike a balance between making fans feel immediately comfortable whilst delivering a software performance which fits the new design.

Mac Pro (

apple 2

While the world of technology is focused on mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, the real star of the show was the new Mac Pro. Previous Mac Pros have always been very bulky and expensive machines but they have a lot of processing power beneath the silver tower. That makes them the perfect desktop computers for resource heavy programs and tasks. Since there was no real improvement to the series in 2012, people have been speculating for the past year where Apple is heading with the series. Plus, considering the fact that the majority of statistics and sales numbers tend to say that traditional desktop PC´s are dead and overrun by Tablets, it was a little bit of a surprise when Apple presented the new Mac Pro this week. What make it so special are two things – the design and the specifications. In terms of performance, Apple sticks to the approach of delivering the most capable machine for tasks like video editing. CPU/GPU Performance and the general speed also allows users to use 4k monitors, which makes the new Mac Pro one of the fastest PC´s to date and ready for the future.

Even the performance is impressive; the design is outstanding and Apple has proven once again how well they can handle innovative engineering. All hardware is stored in a black cylinder, which is only 9.9 inches tall and have 6.6 inches diameter (old Mac Pro had 20.1 height, 8.1 width, and 18.7 depth). It is an entirely new design, but of course it won’t be cheap to own when it comes out later this year. In other Apple computer news, they also introduced updated versions for their laptops MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, both with new processors and significantly increased battery lives.

iTunes Radio (

apple 3

Finally, an innovation which was expected and subsequently introduced was a music streaming service from Apple called iTunes Radio. The idea is that when you tune into iTunes Radio on your apple device you will have access to stations inspired by the music you already listen to. The more you use the service, the more intuitive your radio suggestions will become, as per the Genius service already offered on the iTunes store.


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