Next generation measurement: U.S. comScore MMX launch


The leading provider of digital measurement and analysis solutions. comScore announced the official U.S. launch of MMX® Multi-Platform, the next generation of digital audience measurement and media planning. The tool offers unduplicated accounting of audience size and demographics that reflects today’s multi-platform digital media environment across the desktop, smartphone and tablet platforms.

 “This unified view of digital audiences not only establishes a new measurement standard for the industry, but also has the potential to unlock insights that can deliver substantial, currently unrealized value to our publisher, advertiser and agency clients”

Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore.

Multi-Platform Reporting Drives Value for Marketers and Media Companies

The idea behind the MMX Multi-Platform is that it will provide unduplicated audience reporting across the various media platforms, in addition to different content delivery vehicles, whether those are websites, videos or apps. The amalgamation of these platforms and content assets is reported to offer new value to the digital media ecosystem:

  • Facilitating Content Monetization– Publishers and media companies can now get credit for their entire unduplicated audiences across computers, smartphones and tablets – including the incremental audiences reached only via mobile platforms.
  • Enhancing Media Planning Efficiency– Independent media platform reporting in addition to synthesized, unduplicated views of audiences enables media planners to optimize audience reach and frequency both within and across channels. The full palette of media platforms offers more options to maximize efficiency.
  • Reaching High-Value or Difficult-to-Reach Demographics– Smartphones and tablets can be more efficient at reaching high-value demographic targets, such as younger males and upper-income audiences.

MMX Multi-Platform offers comprehensive reporting on more than 300,000 digital media entities, including their un-duplicated audience size, demographic composition, engagement, performance within key user segments and behavioral trends. All of these metrics can be compared across digital media platforms and can be used to understand incremental activity coming from each platform. That means to provide important multi-platform insights for both companies and agencies that better reflect the state of digital consumer behavior today.

It will be interesting to see the impact in the U.S market for our international clients, though how successful this new launch will be will depend on vendor‘s transparency and own technical capabilities as well as those of comScore’s. After the launch of comScore’s original Unified Digital Measurement (UDM) tool in May 2009, it will now be interesting to see how comScore actively calculates the so-called incremental effect across the very diverse devices and applications which make up today’s digital space. It also remains to be seen if the audience can truly be claimed to be ‘unduplicated’ in absolute terms when well-known gaps in mobile devices data measurement exist, especially as clients and media agencies value reliable data more and more to power their marketing decisions.


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