New design for Facebook: Zuckerberg pleases advertisers

Screenshot Facebook PK

On Thursday 7th March, Mark Zuckerberg held a press conference to introduce the new design approach for Facebook. With this step, he was addressing long-heard criticism from advertisers and users alike who have been saying that the general design is ‘outdated’ and ‘confusing’.

In his short presentation, Mark Zuckerberg focused the new layout, specifically discussing the newsfeed as this is the page that users see when they first log onto Facebook. The new design has one main characteristic and that is the overall look and feel is much cleaner as pictures and videos are now larger, taking center stage. The same approach goes for mobile, and as images/videos are definitely the focal point for many other recent social media launches (Pinterest, Vine), it is not surprising that Facebook is placing its library of images at its forefront. With this design choice, Facebook is also finally adapting to the trend of wider and larger mobile displays which populate the market.

Zuckerberg compares the new newsfeed to a visual appealing newspaper that welcomes the user with the most important news from the sources they want. The idea behind it seems very similar to content curator apps like Flipboard and Google Currents, which have become very popular over the last few months by presenting individually tailored news streams in a visually simple and pleasing way.

While Marc Zuckerberg did not discuss advertising opportunities during his presentation, we can assume that Facebook is paving the way for a future advertisement model. Critics have always voiced dissatisfaction with the small size of Facebook ads, providing limited possibilities for creative production. As the newsfeed can now offer much larger spaces for pictures and videos, future advertisements could gain more visibility and impact on first sight.

However, for now the general structures for Facebook remain the same and regardless of whether a post is an advertisement or personal, there will be no difference between them in terms of layout or presence.

The new design will be available for all users worldwide within the next few weeks.


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