Technology and Fashion: The perfect partners?

Technology & Fashion

For many September has always been synonymous with the glitz and glamour of Fashion week. Nevertheless, in recent years this particular month has also begun to witness its fair share of technology launches and this year is no exception.

However this September the two industries came together with Google’s new augmented reality concept, aptly named ‘Project Glass’, meeting the models of Diane Von Furstenberg’s Spring/Summer 2013 show at New York Fashion Week. Due for release in early 2013, these prototype glasses enable the wearer to take photos, create films, check their messages and access the internet through a set of verbal commands. The models and Von Furstenberg herself showcased these glasses to full effect when they accompanied the designer and her models down the runway.

Watching the result of this joint venture, I found that I was completely enamored by the thought of a set of ‘smart glasses’ offering a way to remove the final barrier between myself and my smartphone, a device which is already constantly anchored to my side. However, as with all new launches, questions inevitably arise such as ‘how much connectivity does a person need?’, ‘are we in danger of over-sharing?’ and ‘is there such a thing as becoming too digitized?’ Who knows the answers to these questions but right now, I find myself swept away by the ensuing possibilities this piece of technology could create, for instance in the medical as well as technical fields,  notwithstanding the individual consumer. On the sad side for media agencies, Google is currently denying any plans to offer advertising opportunities within the glasses but going by the lack of cohesion many clients still encounter during mobile campaigns, I would say this reticence is a positive thing. If Google can launch this project successfully and more importantly, gradually build the software necessary to house top quality content and services, then any eventual step into advertising will be much more seamless and attractive to all.

A short film accompanying this fashionable experiment was also released and as Von Furstenberg puts it, ‘Fashion, technology…it’s all about life…’. Check it out here and enjoy:


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